Landsdale Gardens Playgroup runs alongside public school terms and is currently taking expressions of interest for 2022. Session times are available between 9am-2pm and are flexible depending on the group.

Monday9am-11am (Mixed ages) *FULL*
Please email to be added to the waitlist
Tuesday11:30-1:30pm (Babies 6 months and under) *FULL*
Please email to be added to the waitlist
WednesdayExpressions of Interest
Thursday10am-12pm (Arabic Language Group)
FridayExpressions of interest

Each session runs for 2 hours and have a maximum capacity of 20 children or 15 families (whichever we meet first). You are welcome to trial your first session free of charge.

​Sessions are non-exclusive and are open to new members and mother’s groups at any time during the year. If you are a new group looking to join, or another time slot suits you better, please contact as we are always looking to commence new sessions if there is an interest.

How it works:

Our Playgroup sessions are parent led, by the members in each group. Activities and structure differ within each session as they run according to what that particular group likes. We recommend that each group elects a “Group Leader” to provide a link with the Playgroup committee and to assist with the general running of the session. We also suggest the use of a roster system so that that load can be shared and all individuals are responsible for either setting up/packing away, cutting fruit, racking the sandpit, etc.

An example session may look like this:    

9:00 – 9:30am Greet each other, welcome new members, set up by getting toys from the storeroom, rake the sandpit if you are on roster and arrange activities for the children. Free play.
9:30am Introduce a new activity such as painting, gluing, threading etc.
9:45am Rostered person to cut up fruit and organise morning tea.
10:00am Morning tea – children have fruit at small tables, adults have tea/coffee discuss socialise.
10:30am Rostered person to clear tables and wash all cups and plates. Children may enjoy a play outside at this time.
10:45am Pack away toys, tables and chairs in storeroom, vacuum carpet if you are on roster.  Finish with a story, music or parachute.
11:00am Goodbyes.